Billionaire AW18 Collection

Can we talk about Billionaires new AW18-19 collection? Because it is something else!

Before you even see the collection you’re treated to the sensory experience of the venue alone. Surrounded by sheer drapes, plush seating, and the fashion show of the year for entertainment. While many shows take place in galleries or hotels in the light of day, Billionaire collection takes things to another level at Le Roi’s nightclub in Milan at a fashionable 10pm.

As the name suggests you get a glimps into a winter warming luxury with exquisitely cut suites of Cashmere and Wool wrapped in lofty car coats made from the fineries of mink, and pea coats comprised of iconic crocodile. The key piece though, the crown of his collection, The one must-have piece? The Python Trench of course. Other pieces in the collection include timeless velvet blazers and intricately emblazoned loafers to name a few.

But who, with all it’s opulent materials, and luxurious layering, is this collection for? What makes a Billionaire man? According to Philip Plein, the genius behind this iconic collection, defines the Billionaire man simply as “a contemporary jet setter,” but goes on to explain “The collection is meant to be worn in luxury destinations such as Aspen or Courchevel.” But that isn’t all, the collection is comprised in such a way that Plein says “All of the items are perfectly layered for a 24-hour winter look.”

Grab you’re wallets gents, because winter is coming, and this is one collection that is going to go fast!

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