Erdem Collaborating With H&M On First Menswear Collection

Erden, a luxury womanswear label, are collaborating with H&M to launch it’s first capsule menswear collection in November this year.

Founded in 2005 by Erdem Moralioglu, Erdem has made it’s name by combining delicate and feminine silhouettes with bold and experimental fabrics, which has gone on to earn it prestigious awards, such as the 2016 Fashion Group International Fashion Star Award, and the Canadian Arts & Fashion International Canadian Designer of the Year Award becoming the most recent feather in its cap.

When asked about the joint venture Mr Moralioglu said “I am so happy to collaborate with H&M and to explore my work on a whole new scale, including a menswear collection, something I have never done before.”

If that wasn’t exciting enough there will also be a film campaign overseen by Baz Lurmann, who also directed Romeo And Juliet, to give the collection a premiere it deserves.
While no details have been given, it looks like we can look forward to seeing a fair amount of print and interesting textures from the collection.

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