Chanel Address Hedi Slimane Rumours

Rumor had it Karl Largfeld had his eyes on Hedi Slimane. It’s no secret that Largfeld is a fan, he even shed 90lbs to slip into one of Slimane’s Dior suits.

Word was he was eyeing up Slimane to bring him into the fold at Chanel, and take him under his wing. Why? To shadow him while he oversaw the making of an as yet undeveloped menswear collection. An area the company is yet to delve into.

Many squealed with joy at the sound of such a union, but sadly it isn’t so. Chanel put out a statement saying “The house of Chanel has no projects with Hedi Slimane,” if that wasn’t painful enough, they added “Chanel doesn’t work on the launch of a Chanel menswear collection.” putting the final nail in the coffin for menswear at Chanel…for now.

While current rumors may have been quashed, I don’t think it’s wrong to keep the cards on the table for menswear in the future. There is an increasing growth in the market that can’t be ignored, and the convergence of unisex clothing isn’t going away either. So…stay tuned, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this trendy little tale.

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