Denim United: H&M Announce Unisex Capsule Collection

H&M just upped the game in gender equality with the announcement of Denim United, a unisex denim collection.

H&M unisex dungarees
Denim United: Unisex Dungarees – image from

Drawing from the shapes of men and woman alike, the collection aims to blur the line between genders. The result is not only a sustainable collection that will provide clothing for everyone, but also shows an uplifting interpretation of life in a modern era.

H&M unisex top & jeans
Denim United: Unisex Jeans + top – image from

In a press release Marybeth Schmitt, a spokesperson for H&M, stated “It is very natural for us to release a unisex collection as fashion is constantly evolving and intersecting,” she went on to say “Today we see there are no boundaries in democratic style. Fashion should always be inclusive.” I couldn’t agree more.

H&M unisex shorts
Denim United: unisex shorts – image from

Made up of over sized cuts, and a range of casual/work pieces to mix and match, such as overalls and slouchy shorts, Denim United comprises of eco-friendly material including organic and recycled cotton, and will be available in a variety of washes to further enable expression while staying true to a unified and inclusive collection.

H&M unisex jeans
Denim United: Unisex Jeans – image from

Launching on March 23 Denim United will be available exclusively at

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