Peter Manning Opens It’s First Store

The fashion industry is infamous for pushing the illusion of wispy emaciated giants, but that image is far from the reality many of us face. Some brands have adapted to this reality, and branched out to meet the need of those people. Niches have been filled for people of excessive height and weight, but there is still a gap in the market for people on the other end of the spectrum.

Enter Peter Manning, a brand designed for “not so tall” men. Aimed at guys who are 5’8 and under they provide properly fitted clothes in a classic American style. “A lot of our guys have never known what it is to wear properly fitted clothes” said co-founder, and chief executive Jeff Hansen, a customer himself at 5’8.

As a short arse myself I too am aware of the struggles faced when looking for something to wear. Coats and jackets you could pitch a tent in, shirts that double as a night gown, or straight jacket if you’re so inclined, and trousers that, if not falling around your ankles, crumple at the bottom and end up with horrific case of heel induced stigmata.

In march the brand opened it’s first physical store in Manhattan! Set on the third floor in the Faltiron district, it is a haven for short guys all around. Adorning it’s walls with everything from suits, and shirts, to polos, and chinos. The store has fitting rooms, a lounge, complete with it’s own bar cart, and friendly staff that don’t look like that could cross the giants causeway in a single bound, or perform a slam dunk on their tippy toes.

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